Watching The Detectives

April 26, 2011

This is another list.  And quite frankly it was created as an excuse to use the title ‘Watching The Detectives’.  So… my top 5 favorite movie detectives (both police detectives and private detectives).

5) Harry Callahan- Dirty Harry.  The man who pioneered excessive force.

4) John Shaft- I like the Sam Jackson Shaft but this is the original.  Nothing beats the original.

3) Martin Riggs- A half-loony Three Stooges fan. Man, I LOVE the Lethal Weapon movies.

2) Dick Tracy- I love the man in the yellow coat but you have to love a detective who doesn’t have to actually DETECT, just look for guys with crazy nicknames and facial deformities.

1) John McClaine- The original Die Hard action hero.  Barefoot across broken glass. Enough said.


April 25, 2011

A short list before i go read.  The top 5 most unusual teams in comics.

– Captain Carrot and The Zoo Crew- Anthropomorphic animal superheroes

– The Inferior Five-Just that. Five super-heroes who suck.

– The Great Lakes Avengers- An unofficial branch of the Mighty Avengers based in Milwaukee and including an overweight model, a flat guy, a girl dinosaur and a human door.

– The Justice League Antarctica- A team of former villains whose most powerful member may G’Nort, the dog Green Lantern

– The T Force- That’s right. Kid gymnasts who follow around Mr. T

Back From The Minors

April 21, 2011

I am a zombie for DC Comics. I love, love, love the DC Universe and it’s characters.  And they have an uncanny knack for taking minor and background characters and making them big time (witness their great work with Booster Gold).  Here are some minor DC Characters that could top-tier.

– Black Alice- A magic-based goth teenager who can mimic the magic powers of others.

– Fire- A Brazilian model with the power to fly and project green flames.  She has been featured in Justice League (the old funny one) and Checkmate but could be an icon. Especially if paired with her best friend Ice.

– Anarky- A true anarchist. A vigilante teenager with a nigh inscrutable moral code.

– The All-Star Squadron- 1940’s DC has so many untapped characters that were only mildly explored in the All-Star Squadron series (Red Bee, Red Torpedo, Robotman, Captain Triumph, Neon The Unknown, King, The Whip, TNT)


April 20, 2011

So today so the passing of Elizabeth Sladen, an English actress best known for portraying Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who (with the Third and Fourth Doctors).  She had apparently been battling cancer for sometime (while continuing work on her Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Chronicles).  Sladen was notable for introducing a new kind of companion to the show.  A sort of emancipated woman type that shied away from the typical ‘damsel in distress’ character.  And she was really hot.

Star Warriors

April 19, 2011

In honor of today’s comic, here are my top 5 all time favorite Star Wars characters.  This includes the original movies, the prequels, the tv shows, the video games, the novels, the comic books etc.

5) Boba Fett- The Fett-man is still THE premiere no-holds-barred badass of the Star Wars universe.  Despite being a whiny little boy in Episode II and having a jetpack like the Rocketeer.

4) Darth Vader- Vader is essentially the point of the whole saga.  And his helmet is the single most iconic part of Star Wars.

3) Mara Jade- The former Emperor’s Hand and assassin.  She was meant to kill Luke Skywalker but eventually married him and bore his son.

2) Mace Windu-  The best character in the prequels. Sam Jackson rocks no matter who he plays.

1) Han Solo- Nobody is cooler than Han Solo.  Nobody.  He’s the one I still quote.  He’s the one that makes me wish I had a Millennium Falcon.

Honorable Mentions: Sebulba, Darth Maul, Lando Calrissian, Grand Moff Tarkin, Ayla Secura, Yoda, Asohka, Bossk