Direct Market

June 2, 2011

Along with yesterday’s announcement about the reboot of the DC Universe was the announcement that DC will also, at that time, begin releasing all of their titles directly to electronic media (like the Ipad).  While I certainly encourage this, I disagree with those that say this will bring about the end of the direct market (paper copies sold in stores).  As great as it is to have an entire comics library at your fingertips, reading a digital comic (even at full size) is less satisfying than holding it in your (the same argument people have against the Kindle, but different in my opinion).  And you know what is going to keep the direct market alive? Collectors.  And people like me who like to display their graphic novels on their bookshelf.

Reboot Blues

June 1, 2011

Today it was announced that following the ‘Flashpoint’ crossover event that DC will be completely rebooting their continuity. That means they are ditching 75 plus years of stories and starting from scratch with their characters.  While this concept isn’t entirely new it has never been done to this extent before.  Both DC and Marvel have published stories outside the main continuity of their shared universe, a conceit that allows for the freedom to go anywhere with a story.  They have also made a couple of attempts to streamline their continuity with “The Crisis on Infinite Earths’, “Zero Hour” and “Infinite Crisis”.  But never before have they decided to just start the entire story from scratch, with every character and over 50 new #1 issues.  It could work. But I admit the idea has made me agitated.  I mean, if you are starting the whole thing from scratch then why buy the current ‘Flashpoint’ crossover?  Nothing that happens there will have any bearing on the ongoing story.  And this takes the punch out of the big changes DC has made.  If they are starting over then it no longer matters that Lois Lane died or that Batman had a son who is now Robin or that Blackest Night saw the return of zombified deceased heroes or that Alec Holland is the new White Lantern or Dick Grayson is Batman. None of it matters.  All the good done building the Green Lantern and Batman universes is down the drain. Who knows what characters will be lost? I love Stephanie Brown (the former Spoiler) as Batgirl. I like Bart Allen as Kid Flash.  I like the cloned Superboy.  But these are characters steeped in backstory.  If they reboot will they remain?  Can you tell the story of Stephanie Brown with her as Spoiler and with the ‘War Games’ arc? Can you tell the Superboy story without the death and rebirth of Superman?

The official line is that the reboot will serve as a jumping on point for new readers and make the characters more accessible to the modern world.  I don’t know how they intend to do this. Maybe Green Lantern can update his Facebook status with his power ring.  Maybe the Reverse Flash will get his powers from human growth hormone.

So far only one piece of good news has trickled out of this potentially devastating announcement. The first title to launch will be Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. This is good news. I love Jim Lee’s take on DC characters so much that I would buy a diaper if he drew Harley Quinn on it.

The Video Shelf

May 31, 2011

As a child, my life was shaped by the movies on my movie shelf.  The movies I saw the most were the ones we owned (generally recorded off of free HBO weekends).  And while I would usually get to see the good new releases in the theater, we didn’t really own them.  So here are the movies we did have and that influenced my movie taste.

Pete’s Dragon- Probably my favorite ‘kid’s movie’.  I loved the music in this movie as a kid.  I still love this movie, even though a good friend of mine doesn’t like it because everybody in the movie is dirty.

Raiders of the Lost Ark- I loved this movie and lived for the snake pit scene and the face melting scene.

Superman- The original was the only one we owned. Which is fine because I think it’s the best, even though Superman II ranks a close second. To this day I still get that special feeling when I hear the theme song.

Star Wars Trilogy- We had all of them but the tape containing the first two had a band-aid on it. I don’t know why.

Goonies- I can quote nearly this whole movie thanks to the fact that we owned it. And I can do the Truffle Shuffle.

Grease- Another one I know all the words to.  And I love to sing it when nobody is watching.

Mary Poppins- A great kids movie that I loved and that always made me want to live in London.


May 27, 2011

I am tired as all hell, from working and moving furniture and driving around. So sleep early for me.  No blog.

Just happy to be on track to move into my new place.


Batman’s Best

May 26, 2011

In honor of today’s comic, I thought I would list the 5 best members of the best rogue’s gallery in comics. Batman’s.  Now, Spider-man and The Flash both also have very cool and very unique villains but nobody tops the lunatics that make up the evildoers of Gotham City.

5. Mister Freeze- Originally a pretty standard character but he was made infinitely better by his appearance on the Batman cartoon and the comics’ subsequent adoption of the cooler Freeze.

4. Harley Quinn- Another character made awesome (and introduced) in the Batman cartoon.  Cute as a button and psycho to boot.

3. Poison Ivy- Pamela Isley, the ultimate hippie.  A chemically enhanced hottie whose control over plant life allows her to take her war against man’s devastation to a deadly level.

2. Two-Face- A scarred fallen hero type who makes all his decision by flipping a coin.

1. The Joker- The greatest villain of any kind, ever. Period.