The Doc

April 1, 2011

I watched the new full-length trailer for the new season of Doctor Who and it’s got me very excited.  It looks like the brilliance of the most recent season is on track to be repeated. Particularly the line where a scary voice says, “Fear me, I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords.”  And the Doctor says, “Fear me, I killed them all.”  Chilling. And a very important part of the character’s backstory.  My personal theory is that they may bring back Gallifrey (the Doctor’s homeworld).  But I’m probably wrong. Also very excited about The Doctor finding out who River Song really is. I suspect it will be a very interesting revelation.

Star Wars Things

March 31, 2011

So in addition to the Ewoks (who would have been better had they stayed Wookies as originally planned) there are a few things in Star Wars that bug me.  As much as I LOVE Star Wars.

– Jar Jar Binks- First and most obvious was this super-annoying character. Who, if you think about it, was directly responsible for the fall of the Republic and rise of the Empire.

– Deleted scenes- From Luke and his friends on Tatooine to the wampas overrunning Hoth base to Luke constructing the green lightsaber, there is a wealth of shot and unused material.

-Skywalker-  If they were hiding baby Luke from Darth Vader, why did they still give him the last name Skywalker?  Vader WAS aware that his name used to be Skywalker.  And if he got an inkling of a kid named Skywalker on Tatooine, he could have found him.

– Grand Moff Tarkin-  I always wondered why Tarkin could get away with ordering Vader around.  Shouldn’t Vader have Force Choked the life out of him?  There were other Grand Moffs and I doubt they all got to sass off to Vader.


Out of Ideas

March 30, 2011

Right. No ideas save one and it’s a REALLY dorky one:  My Star Trek Dream Crew!

Captain- Jean-Luc Picard (The Next Generation)

First Officer- T’Pol (Enterprise. Yes, I’ll often pick hot chicks just because)

Chief Engineer- Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott (The Original Series)

Chief Medical Officer- Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy (TOS)

Nurse- Alyssa Ogawa (TNG)

Chief of Security- Tuvok (Voyager. Because black Vulcans are badass)

Science Officer- Spock (TOS)

Random Civilians on board (every show has them)- Nog, Quark and Rom (Deep Space Nine), Kes (Voyager)

Counselor- Deanna Troi (TNG)

Navigator- Hikaru Sulu (TOS)

Communications Officer- It’s a toss up between Uhura and Hoshi Sato but I’ll go with Hoshi (Enterprise)

Operations Officer- Worf (TNG and DS9)

Game Sequels I Would Love To See

March 29, 2011

– Advance Wars 3DS- Playing Advance wars on the GBA and DS made me love this series. Throw in some 3D maps and I’d buy this game in a heartbeat.

– Grand Theft Auto 5: London- They did London with one of the old top-down view games but now in the 3D generation I’d like to see a 60’s style crime-filled London GTA

– Actraiser 3- It was a good concept. A platformer/RPG hybrid. The problem was, it was too short. Give it a full upgrade and this game could be epic.

– Star Wars: Rebellion II- A real-time strategy game.  If given the full 2011 treatment, it could waste hours of my life.

– Ultima: Quest of the Avatar II- The game based your starting character/class on a series of moral dilemmas.  Again, an idea that could be great with next gen graphics.  Take Fable’s choice based fantasy idea and apply it to a party of ten or more characters.

The Sheen Effect

March 28, 2011

So after complaining that I was hearing way too much about Charlie Sheen lately, I watched a Charlie Sheen movie yesterday.  Platoon. Because I had heard it was good and I hadn’t seen it. And it occurred to me while watching it that Charlie Sheen is actually a great actor, which just makes his descent into madness all the sadder.  It got me thinking… so here are six movies that I really enjoyed Charlie Sheen in:

1) Platoon

2) Hot Shots

3) Young Guns

4) Wall Street

5) Major League

6) Red Dawn

Plus he was in The Outsiders. Neat.