April 12, 2011

In honor of today’s comic, here are my favorite all-time cereals.

– Fruity Pebbles- But you have to eat them fast or they get soggy.

– Boo-Berry- The absolute best.  Leaves a nice refreshing drink of blueberry milk when you are done, too!

– Oreo O’s- Imagine if Cheerios tasted like Oreos! Bam! Delicious!

– Lucky Charms- Even if you were one of those who would always make sure you had at least one of each type of charm, they were good.

– Cocoa Puffs- Cereal so good it made you insane. Apparently.


April 11, 2011

In honor of the impending release of Thor, here is a list of bizarre stuff from Marvel Comic’s Thor that will definitely not make the movie.

– Thor Frog- Yeah, he got turned in a giant frog, complete with armor and hammer.

– Beta Ray Bill- An alien with a horse-like face who proved himself worthy to hold the hammer of Thor and was later rewarded with his own magic hammer.  Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of evildoers like the power of BILL THE ALIEN!

– Drago- A young Thor from the future, complete with bad temper and pseudo-spiky mid-90’s bad comic costume.

– The Thor Corps.- A short-lived team comprised variously of Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Drago and Thunderstrike (a guy who used to have the power of Thor and now has a not-as-good weapon)

– Asgardian Chicks- Loki (Thor’s evil half-brother) was transformed into a woman for a short while.  And the weird thing is it isn’t even an original idea as Thor himself had been turned into a woman in the ‘Earth X’ series.

– The High Evolutionary- Apparently a major villain in the Marvel Universe for awhile. Except that he’s a scientist in pink armor whose power is… that he’s a REALLY good scientist!


April 7, 2011

I saw the trailer for the new anime-style Thundercats show and I really liked it.  It plays up more the original’s feeling of “Cats meets Lord of the Rings”.  The character designs are more or less intact: Lion-O looks younger and Cheetarah still looks awesome.  Mumm-Ra looks terrifying.  Wiley Kit and Wiley Kat even manage to look a little cool.  In the original they irritated me. So much that I used to pray they would fall into a pit and get eaten by Mumm-Ra’s mummy dog.

WWE Not Stars

April 5, 2011

So I have been playing WWE All-Stars recently and it features a roster of some of the greatest in the wrestling business plus some of today’s wrestlers.  Now they just need a game featuring the worst gimmicks ever. Like:

– The Gobbledy Gooker- A guy in a turkey suit.

– The Ding Dongs- Guys with pictures of bells on their tights. For some reason.

– Mantaur- A guy with a bull head.

– Tugboat- A big fat guy in a sailor’s outfit


Lanterns Again

April 4, 2011

Hey guess what? I am going to talk about Green Lantern. Because I saw some footage from Wondercon from the new movie and it looks AMAZING.  Sinestro looks badass, the hordes of bizarre looking alien Green Lanterns look wicked and, best of all, they make the flight sequences and ring constructs look as realistic as these things can.  The footage shows GL fighting Hector Hammond and I haven’t seen any footage of Sinestro wielding his yellow power ring so I suppose that he isn’t the primary villain. Maybe they are setting him up to be the villain in the sequel.  My poor geeky heart would love to see Blake Lively (who plays GL’s girlfriend Carol Ferris) assume her comic identity of Star Sapphire.