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April 27, 2011

One of my absolute favorite all-time comic book series is the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  It’s about a group that comes together under the British government and it includes Mina Harker (of Dracula), Captain Nemo, Alan Quatermain (of King’s Solomon’s Mines), Dr Jekyll/Mister Hyde and the Invisible Man.  They eventually face Martians, Professor Moriarty, Fu Manchu and many others. They made a movie (which SUCKED).  I always felt that Alan Moore could have included a couple of other characters.  The series has run the gamut as far as time frames.  So the opportunities for new characters abound.  Such as:

– Susan Pevensie (of the Narnia books).  The last Narnia book leaves her out and says that she was “no longer a friend of Narnia”.  That would have been great to expand on.

– Dorothy Gale (of the Oz books)

– Victor Frankenstein. Sure, he died in the book but his survival could have been easily explained.

– The Count of Monte Cristo

– Tarzan

– Some 30’s Pulp Heroes (The Shadow, The Spider, The Avenger, The Green Hornet etc)