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Watching The Detectives

April 26, 2011

This is another list.  And quite frankly it was created as an excuse to use the title ‘Watching The Detectives’.  So… my top 5 favorite movie detectives (both police detectives and private detectives).

5) Harry Callahan- Dirty Harry.  The man who pioneered excessive force.

4) John Shaft- I like the Sam Jackson Shaft but this is the original.  Nothing beats the original.

3) Martin Riggs- A half-loony Three Stooges fan. Man, I LOVE the Lethal Weapon movies.

2) Dick Tracy- I love the man in the yellow coat but you have to love a detective who doesn’t have to actually DETECT, just look for guys with crazy nicknames and facial deformities.

1) John McClaine- The original Die Hard action hero.  Barefoot across broken glass. Enough said.