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Favorite. Ever. And Why.

June 30, 2011

Before I go to sleep.  My top 5 all-time favorite movies.

1) Braveheart- Because I can watch it and watch it. And the music rocks.

2) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- The original.  I love it because it shows you what can be accomplished by NOT showing something.

3) Kill Bill- My favorite film by a director who has directed many films I love.

4) Clerks II- The film that replaced Chasing Amy as my favorite Kevin Smith film.

5) The Devil’s Rejects- It oftentimes scares me how much I love this film. I could watch it non-stop forever.

An Unpopular Point of View

June 27, 2011

I am going to type a sentence that I have never heard or read before: I prefer the American version of ‘The Office’ to the British original.

That’s not to say that the British version isn’t good, it’s great and it originated the things I like so much about both versions.  But I believe that the American version took a great idea and ran with it.  Having just finished watching the British version (plus specials) and having seen every episode of the American version, here are the things I like best.

– The Boss- Ricky Gervais as David Brent was brilliant.  But he is so unlikable that you only really liked the guy for the last ten minutes of the second special.  Granted, I think this was the point.  The show served as a documentary in which the main character spirals down due to his own self sabotage.  Which works better in the shorter format of two six episodes seasons.  But Steve Carell took some aspects of Gervais’ character (the obsession with being funny, the need to be liked) and made it last longer.

– Pam and Jim vs. Dawn and Tim- First off: I love Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis in the British version.  But the American version really made you feel the love.  It became less about a guy in love with a girl who is engaged to a guy who is bad for her and more about a guy who has been in love with a girl since the day he met her.  And how these two nice folks fell in love.

– Dwight- The Dwight factor cannot be underplayed. Rainn Wilson made Dwight Schrute into an iconic TV character.  Gareth Keenan (on the British version) gave us the overly serious guy who gets constantly (and  often unknowingly) picked on by his co-worker.  But he was a creep as well.  A thin, perverted creep. Dwight Schrute, on the other hand, isn’t perverted, he’s just 100% confident of his own superiority.  Add in his bizarre overly Germanic upbringing and his beet farm and you have a character that outstrips the original in every way.

Some other things the American version did better: more fleshed out co-workers, better theme song, a better stable of writers and tons more perfectly executed feel good moments (which can be awfully cheesy if done wrong but in the American version often make me smile and look for somebody to hug).

Really, the only thing the British version had that was better was the fat guy. The British fat guy was funnier than the American fat guy. Maybe it’s just me.



June 21, 2011

In light of a lot of things going on at once (getting ready to move, working two jobs, having an ear infection etc) I will be taking this week off from Spunky Brew and bringing it back next week with brand new comics and blogs!

The DCNu that should Be

June 16, 2011

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the DC Universe is being rebooted later this year with all of their comics starting over at #1. Some titles are being cancelled while other new ones are being introduced (like a Justice League International book and a new take on Hawkman).  Here are a few underused DC properties that could use the reboot treatment or just flat out get their own title.

– The All-Star Squadron- A WWII era superteam that not only included the heavy hitters of the Justice Society but odd little-known characters like The Red Bee and The Red Torpedo.

– Stargirl- She had a run on the Stars and STRIPE title and came to prominence in the JSA book but the newest bearer of the Cosmic Rod and Gravity Belt should get her own book. Perhaps one focusing on teenaged superhero hijink (and co-starring her best friend Cyclone).

– Shazam- The character of Captain Marvel (and all of his ancillary characters) are dying for a seminal ground-breaking work all their own.  It’s time to bring in top notch writers and artists to bring life to Captain Marvel, Black Adam and the whole crazy Fawcett Comics crew.

Avengers Assemble

June 14, 2011

With Captain America (the movie) leading to an Avengers movie that will team Nick Fury, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye and the Black Widow all in one film, I got to thinking about other Avengers I would like to see in an Avengers movie.

– Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch- A brother and sister mutant team (and offspring of Magneto to boot, if Marvel wants to tie the movies together).  He runs real fast and she does chaos magic stuff.

– Giant Man and The Wasp- A married couple. He can grow super tall (or shrink depending on if he is Ant Man at the time) and she can shrink AND fly.

– The Vision- An android created to destroy the Avengers.  He can fly, shoot solar beams from his head and phase through solid objects.

– She-Hulk- A big green sexy lawyer.